In Development

The Contractors
- Series

A rag-tag team of hand selected former military specialists comes together in a race against time to help and protect the innocent, get back what they have lost and to save a nation from self-destruction.

Thumbs Up
- Series

A once-wealthy family movies into a tiny, rundown apartment, where all of them (bar one) become the unwitting subjects of a “parallel universe” hidden camera TV show which creates chaos in their lives.

- Series

A vintage mystical typewriter with the capacity to integrate with the human psyche, brings to fruition the typist’s subconscious, leading to struggles with morality and consequences.

- Series

After unwittingly being transfused with blood containing animal DNA, 8 year old Priscilla "Pinky” Blaque transforms into an 18 year old girl, leaving her struggling with all of her emerging animal instincts as well as physical and emotional changes, while being pursued by an array of predators desperate to capitalize on her rare abilities.